An EHR plugin to help physicians work more efficiently

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Internship Project


11 Weeks




My Role

UX researcher

Visual Designer




I interned as a Product Designer at a healthcare startup in summer 2020, where I worked on improving physicians' interaction with the EHR to increase productivity and better patient outcome. My role included research, ideation, information architecture, prototyping, and delivering hi-fidelity mockups..


Design an experience to help improve interaction with EHR benefitting providers identify high-risk patients, improving patient outcomes.


How much time do physicians spend on EHR?

time spent on EHR

How might we

How can we leverage technology to enhance EHR to provide all relevant information to the physicians to help them make an informed diagnosis?

Some thoughts from the CEO

"Sukruti joined the organization as one of two product designers and really exceeded my expectations that I set for her and the responsibilities she had as a product designer. Sukruti worked on revamping the UI/UX for our healthcare provider portal post login page where she had to interview stakeholders, ideate, sketch, create wireframes, and begin to prototype the wireframes she was working on with her coworker. I recommend her to any UI/UX position she applies for because her greatest strengths are being a self-starter and critical thinker. She would benefit any organization that she joins and can provide a lot of value to any team she works with"

My learnings

How to effectively communicate and collaborate

As a Product Design intern, I was responsible for communicating the design ideas to the cross-functional team while taking feedback from them. Communicating complex ideas helped me grow a lot as a designer. I learned how to leverage my computer science background to communicate with the engineering team effectively.

Learned to be a self-starter

Working at a startup made me take plenty of initiatives. I was the one who was deciding the next plans and strategizing the work. It made me figure out what the next plan holds and figure out a way to do it myself while also communicating it to the rest of the team.

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