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Sukruti Shrivastava

Software Engineer turned Product Designer

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! 😊
I am currently a final-year grad student at Indiana University, Bloomington. I worked at a healthcare startup as a Product design Intern to perform end-to-end design process collaborating with all the departments in the organization.

My background in Computer Science with 4 years of fintech + healthcare industry experience with a Master's in HCI enables me to think at the intersection of technology and design. I bring in a perspective of engineering background, allowing me to understand a coder's language and collaborate with them quickly. For me, design is about solving problems creatively and taking a human-centric approach.

I'm actively seeking product design roles starting May 2021. Please feel free to reach out to me at or Linkedin

How I work?👩💻

I like to learn about users and the business by doing primary and secondary research. It's the fastest way to validate the assumptions and iterate on ideas.

I strive to design with the human-centric approach because I want the users to think before using a product.

I thrive on feedbacks and constantly iterating on it until I think it's perfect! Because I want to create the best possible user experience for people I care.

I bring all stakeholders to the process. Because establishing a shared vision is the key to a good design.

Watch my Design Philosophy!✌️

This is a fun stop-motion video that I made during the start of my HCI program. To me, design philosophy revolves around making simple yet highly impactful products. Have a look at it and see if you agree or not.. and then we can have long conversations discussing about it over a cup of tea ☕️. :)

Things I love besides designing❤️

Making Illustrations

Clicking nature shots

and paint...


Currently I am exploring light-painting photography📸

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